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Humane Animal Trapping

There are times when uninvited guests take residence in your attic, crawlspace or home & they have no intention of paying rent. When you are ready to have these uninvited guests evicted from your residence call Accurid. Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. specializes in humane trapping, removal & relocation of Raccoons, Squirrels, Possum, Skunks, Feral cats, Foxes etc.


There are many species of mold & fungus that take up residence in homes & workplaces. Most of these species of mold & fungus are present due to high moisture conditions nearby. The 2 main issues with mold & fungus in a home & workplace are possible respiratory issues & possible wood damage. Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. will treat all the exposed wood of the affected areas & warranty the treatment on the treated areas. *See mold & fungus warranty for details.

Moisture Barrier

Moisture in a home, specifically in a crawlspace is not good for the structural integrity of the home. Wood that has a high moisture content is at risk for getting termites, mold or fungus & moisture damage. Accurid Pest Solutions In. helps our clients reduce the risk of having high moisture in the crawlspace by providing a low-cost solution in installing a moisture barrier. Our technicians are pro’s at installing moisture/vapor barriers.

Attic/Crawlspace Insulation

One of the major reasons homeowners lose money in their home is the cost of high heating & cooling bills. With no insulation in the attic or crawlspace or not enough the heat or cool air escapes through the walls of your home. Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. can professionally, neatly & quickly install insulation in your attic or crawlspace helping to dramatically reduce your heating & cooling bills.

Structural Repair

Are you among the many Virginians that have caught a termite, mold, fungus or moisture issue too late & as a result you need structural wood repair. Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. can repair you home & get the structural integrity of your home back to where it should be.

Gutters & Gutter Extensions

One of the most common ways moisture issues arise in a home is due to faulty gutters or none at all. Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. will custom fit your gutters on site & generally have them fully installed & operational in one day. Our technicians are highly professional, neat & we are competitively priced.