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Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. & our clients are working together to get “RID” of hunger in Hampton Roads & the Peninsula. When your service technician arrives to perform your scheduled pest & termite services we invite you to donate canned, boxed & dry food goods. As you hand your donation to your technician let them know you are donating to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. Join us in our quest to donate over 5,000 lbs of food as we help “RID” Hampton Roads & the Peninsula of Hunger.
Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. is a proud supporter & hands on partner with Habitat for Humanity. We believe that every one should have the right to safe, affordable & a pest free dwelling. Join our team several times a year as we help paint, rehab & build homes for those in need.

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At Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. we are dedicated to quality customer service as well as quality services rendered. We know that one of the best ways of advertisement is through the old fashion “Word of Mouth”.  If you had a great experience and were pleased with how Accurid Pest Solutions took care of your pest problems, refer us to a friend and or family member. If your referral turns into a signed contract then you will receive $25.


Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. believes that our children are our future and also believe that they deserve the best education they can get. Even the “little” things that they learn will benefit them in the future. We are a supporter of Pest World for kids. Pest World for kids is a free online learning tool kids can use to learn about and identify all types of bugs and pest. Click on the picture and check it out.